The Dominican Associates

We share the Dominican charism and Mission of the Sisters of Saint Mary of the Springs. Being an Associate enables us to continue our spiritual journey through prayer and sharing stories of God in our lives and to live our faith by participating in the ministry of the Church and the mission of the Dominican Sisters.

In 1981, a commission appointed by the Master General of the Dominican Order formulated a basic charter for the Dominican Family. They concluded that the traditional designations of First, Second and Third Orders would now all be included in the name "Dominican Family."

In 1985/86, meeting guidelines were set for "Affiliated Orientations." At that time there were already six groups meeting with the Sisters in various areas. The recommendation to the General Chapter was an enthusiastic endorsement of the affiliate program. Later at a gathering at Saint Mary's, the name was changed from Affiliate to Associate.

Our Florida group, begun by Sister Jeanette Stang in 1988, meets the first Wednesday each month at St. James. Each year, on August 8th, we honor St. Dominic with Mass, followed by brunch. Currently, our group has about 30 members.