Hospital Ministry


Our mission... is to bring healing and reconciliation to the hospitalized, to their neighbors and to the community through the Good News of Salvation; the Good News of God's love and forgiveness. Our ministry extends to men, women and youth who are ill, as well as to discharged patients. It is our hope that this ministry will influence the institutional system towards compassion. We recognize that our presence is the most effective means of touching the hearts of the sick, as well as the staff of each hospital facility.




A Program of Direct Service... Persons served are referred by their families, relatives, institutional staff and members of parishes. Often, patients refer other patients to us!
An Opportunity to Celebrate the Sacraments... We hear confessions, anoint the sick, offer Communion Services, offer Spiritual Direction, pray with the patients, and provide appropriate information to the sick.

The Goals of Hospital Visitation Ministry...

  • To incorporate the guidelines of the Diocese of St. Petersburg for the Hospital Visitation Ministry.
  • To provide the spiritual and temporal services needed by the sick and their families.
  • To increase community understanding of the hospital system, the needs of the hospitalized and their families, and the social teachings of the Church as they relate to life and death.

A Prayer for Healing!

Dear Lord,

Please live in my heart, that I may know joy.

Please live in my mind, that I may know wisdom.

Please live in my body, that I may know health.

Please live in my soul, that I may know you.

I pray that the Holy Spirit shower us with His healing graces and grant us courage and strength. Amen

Our obligation is towards the sick... Come, O blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was... sick and you came to Me. (mt. 25:34-36)  

You can Help...

  • You can receive training and conduct religious services in the hospitals.
  • You can assist hospital ministry programs through clerical help at the office.
  • You can help right in your homes through your prayers and almsgiving.
  • Volunteers are always needed.
For more infomation, please call us at (727) 869-3130  
If you know of someone who is currently in the hospital who could use our help, please call. We will be happy to visit these individuals and let them know we are here for them. May God continue to bless you!